Contact Form Spam

Not seen that before: This morning I received some spam through a web page. However, this was contact form spam that was promoting software to spam contact forms. ffs… I suppose at least I’m convinced the product works, unlike most of the contact form spam I receive. Not sure I’ll be following it up though.

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The National Lottery

Got an email from the national lottery last went a bit like this:
*email received*
“News about your ticket!”
*open email*
“We have some news about the ticket that you bought for the Tuesday 05 July draw!”
It’s probably just a tenner…
It’ll just be a tenner.
*browser opens*
A poxy tenner…
*page loads*
..but what if it’s more?
*enter user/pass*
oh my god, what if I’ve won £150,000,000?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*page starts to load*
Hello Maserati/rolls/ferrari/aston and mansions around the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*page loads*
‘Account Balance:£5.10′
Five crappy pounds?!? FIVE QUID?!!??! Whats the feckin point for a fiver!!!!!!!!!?????????

On another note.. it’s rolled to £166m.

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Easter Sailing

Just spent 6 great days over easter sailing along the south coast with my parents and had an awesome time! I don’t think I really saw a cloud all week, we had good wind for the most part and even got to see dolphins too! There was the odd submarine, some more »

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Disgusting, Farcical & Needless Waste

This morning a Toshiba displayport cable, that I had ordered from eBay arrived in the post and I was quite shocked when I opened the box. Not one thick booklet, but two – a ‘User Guide’ (WTF?) and a more »

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Flights for 50p?

Following my recent mention of Dark Pattern UI design, I thought I’d share this, which I was sent this morning – seems more than appropriate!

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Ski, ski, ski, crash, bang.

Just spent an awesome week with friends and family in Les Carroz! Highlights involved almost empty pistes every morning, rides on Piste Bashers, high speed runs, big air, free beer, high speed crashes (I still can’t walk properly), great food and, oh, did I mention we got to ride in a piste basher?! Pics from flickr are emeded below, you’ll have to forgive the one of me in makeup – it’s a pic from the end of the ‘Circus’ themed fancy dress night.

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Happy New Year

Anyone else eaten too much, drunk far too much and then eaten some more? Went for my first run of the 2011 yesterday and boy do I know about it now.

Must get fit for skiing. more »

Christmas Time!

May have had a mulled wine, Christmas tree decorating session with Gem last night. Even had the Christmas playlist on the Apple TV too :)

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Online fraud..

I’m selling my motorbike and I just received the following email:

I am much Interested in your bike and wish to be the next owner. I will be making my payment via Bankers draft and i will arrange pick up after the Bankers draft more »

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SkullCandy (SkullCrappy?) headphones

The saga continues:

So eventually after much debate, I was eventually sent a replacement for my crap SkullCandy headphones that kept electrocuting me (really not fun, and then, to top it off, they died)… they didn’t have the same model so more »

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