Contact Form Spam

Not seen that before: This morning I received some spam through a web page. However, this was contact form spam that was promoting software to spam contact forms. ffs… I suppose at least I’m convinced the product works, unlike most of the contact form spam I receive. Not sure I’ll be following it up though.

The National Lottery

Got an email from the national lottery last went a bit like this: *email received* “News about your ticket!” *open email* “We have some news about the ticket that you bought for the Tuesday 05 July draw!” It’s probably just a tenner… *click* It’ll just be a tenner. *browser opens* A poxy tenner… *page … Continue reading The National Lottery

Easter Sailing

Just spent 6 great days over easter sailing along the south coast with my parents and had an awesome time! I don’t think I really saw a cloud all week, we had good wind for the most part and even got to see dolphins too! There was the odd submarine, some

Christmas Time!

May have had a mulled wine, Christmas tree decorating session with Gem last night. Even had the Christmas playlist on the Apple TV too

Online fraud..

I’m selling my motorbike and I just received the following email: Hello, I am much Interested in your bike and wish to be the next owner. I will be making my payment via Bankers draft and i will arrange pick up after the Bankers draft